Tourism niche: call them “guru”


For years now I have been dealing with the web marketing activity for this exciting market. The tourism niche is very interesting for those involved in online advertising.
Big players, many customers. Always so many new opportunities.
Every day a new platform comes out, a new web app. Not to mention the blogs …
However, I like to focus on the excellent work that those of are doing. They make a careful selection of destinations so they can investigate specific topics deeper that many other blogs. They are affiliated with and they benefit greatly. This is a demonstration that awards you in terms of SEO positioning and engaged users.

The Web marketing lessons are starded

After a huge experiences in many web marketing fields I decided to give a new service to the companies which want to invest online.

They should stop investing in agency suppliers, they should start to make their employees grow.
Here some more details about how this process should work.

lezioni di webmarketing rimini cosa impari

How to gain 300,000 likes on Facebook in four days

The Power of Social Media

A couple of months ago, an Italian Facebook account was created. In just four days, it gained 300,000 fans. Without spending a penny on advertising or pay per click (PPC), La Performance Sessuale Di Merda (A Shit Sexual Performance) has now hit 500,000 ‘likes’ on the world’s most popular social network.

La Performance Sessuale Di Merda asks users to talk openly about sexual experiences which have either gone wrong or have ended up taking an odd turn of events. The stories are then published in anonymous form by the administrator….

Do you want to sell your product? Use Pets…

Case History: 202.000 shares in 2 days.


Wow! How is that possible? Well… the company Contact Lens decided to reach a huge number of customers with a unique video.
A good video, a nice and touching video… How can you really record a video about contact lenses achieving these results? You can’t!!



But you can definitely use PETS, why not? They always work!! Trust me..
So, edit a good video with a touching soundtrack, post it on facebook, and you will achieve 202.000 shares!

Link building using Amazon

Are you looking for a method doing link building without paying?

We all know how google is contrary to this practice. Well, sometimes you don’t have to pay money to get some good links from some blogs, there are many different practices as we all know. One of these may be considered to be more original than others, I’m going to describe it shortly.

Alert to all users.. SEO is not dead!!

As the season of posting on SEO’s death has started again it is important to remind that SEO is not died. I know that spending even 5 minutes on arguing against those posts increase their authors’ visibility. However, an action needs to be taken especially when a well known web site such as Read Write Web makes such statements about SEO’s death. Practically speaking, the author of the post on RWW has completely misunderstood everything:…