When a strategy aims to promote a website and to enhance the number of visitors in a long term, SEO and Social media become key aspects. However, both strategies need to be conducted together to be effective.
If on the one hand, SEO has not been highly considered recently. On the other hand, it is stronger than ever as it has started to pay attention on the value of social media, a matter that it used to underestimate. This is reflected by the fact that since the launch of Google Plus, the latest social experiment from Google, a new revolution has started. Despite being underestimated by many, it will make search engine to consider social factors further in their algorithms of ranking.
Nowadays, social networks are integral part of people daily life and habits in terms of contents and relationships. 70% of users are affected by friends’ opinions or experts in their purchase decision. As a result, a common advert is not effective anymore. In order to attract consumer attention involvement and conversation tend to be the key. Consequently, it is important to build relationships and focus on engaging contects.
SEO will be strongly affected by the interaction within these social channels. This means that marketer and companies have to focus on the usage of these channels and platforms even though being SEO. This involves not only branding, CRM, customer care and community management, but users, theirs social spheres and interactions.

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