Pay per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an activity used to increase the number of visitors through investing money. In other words, users have direct access to a website through clicking on adverts. These adverts are inserted in websites or search engines networks and for each user who visit the website a fix price is set up. Taking Google and Yahoo as examples, adverts come up besides the basic search as ‘sponsored connections’ and ‘sponsored results’.
The main objective of a good PPC campaign is to generate a high quality of visitors flow who are really interesting on the contents related to your website. Consequently, being the user looking for inherent information the selling process of products and services is facilitated. Indeed, Facebook campaign (Facebook advertising) is a further tool which enables to have an effective and narrow target of users according to the age, gender, residence, workplace, education, relationship, interests, and keyword.


Why should you do a Pay per Click Advertising Campaign?

Latest statistics show that 90% of online search are made through search engines. A PPC campaign which is created and managed professionally tends to increase the quality of visitor flow as well as the sales rate. PPC adverts are able to fulfil directly user’s needs being highlighted in the results of search engines. For instance, when we type a keyword on Google a direct interest towards a product, service or information is shown. Therefore, PPC adverts will always have a main role as they appear depending on the user’s request according to the consensual marketing. Thus, Pay Per Click campaigns should be considered as complementary tools for a good search engine marketing (SEM) and Social media Activity, instead of only an optional way to the organic ranking (SEO).

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