This is a personal project which began as a SEO experiment that turned into an important servicefor wedding concerning music services in Italy.

The on-site optimization played the most important role enabling the website to rank in the first positions for the most competitive keywords such as ‘musica matrimonio’ in this market (wedding service) and not only.

Although no social media activities and a moderate link building activity were used, I was able to make a really higher structured and more competitive website than those made by companies with more money to invest on online.

The secret resided on the creation of ad hoc optimized pages. Practically, based on this creation  I followed the direction on a prior keyword analysis such as the SEO activity case, starting from scratch. Therefore, it tended to be much easier than one already started for many reasons.

The best result achieved in terms of SEO difficulty is the first position for the most generic keyword:

“Musica Matrimonio”  (weddind music)