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Through the collaboration with EF Englishtown there has been a peak in ranking and visits in this last 5 months. Nowadays, Englishtown is the most advanced e-learning platform regarding Englishlanguage in the current global market.

As SEO activity started from scratch with the on page optimization for a website with many pages,long tale keywords had to be optimized for short tale keywords. For this reason analysis and keyword mapping were the hardest parts. Thus, to what extent this kind of product competitors are highly strong in the Italian market.

The on page activity was accompanied by a strong Social Media engagement activity with accurate posts for followers on twitter and fans on facebook referring to English language and varied other topics. Consequently, expanding people requests of learning English on social media became a priority.

In order to do so, white hat link building has been used. It is important to note that unless you have a good product it is likely difficult to offer something in return to the site which hosts your link without paying money. Therefore, this was what has allowed the website to jump up in the Google SERP and winning the competition.

Summing up, the main results from this collaboration were to reach the top position for long tail keywords as well as the third position for the most important keyword:

“Corso inglese online” (Online english course)

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