Are you looking for a method doing link building without paying?

We all know how google is contrary to this practice. Well, sometimes you don’t have to pay money to get some good links from some blogs, there are many different practices as we all know. One of these may be considered to be more original than others, I’m going to describe it shortly.

(We are in Christmas time) everyone has many desires to accomplish and maybe to put under the tree.

Like any seo activity has costs, but it is not too expensive however, and it can stimulate creativity for further refinement.

Its main feature is that it certainly destabilizes your target on the first approach.


Let’s say you have a niche market whose main contents are spread by bloggers, it would be nice to get some good links from these, wouldn’t it?

All right. It’s important to remember that these bloggers are “people”, presumably each one with a social profile, an email address and especially “desires“.

So, visit the website or the blog and figure out who is the author. Take note about his google plus account, e-mail address; sometimes name and surname but can be enough.


Now …

what can we give to a person in exchange for a link? Not considering money?

Tickets for free? Invitations to events? Gifts?

All is good, but how to choose? What can make a difference?

Amazon often has the answer to our thoughts: the Wish List!

Thousands of people have turned on its list of purchases on Amazon (the Wish List).

You go here and type the name (or the email address) of the person you want to see the list.

Et voilà! You find out what he’s planning to buy. (In face of privacy)



What should not be underestimated is the fact that if he is a blogger of a niche, probably some gifts will be related to his passion / profession and then to your own market, since you’ve decided to delve into your own niche looking for articles and bloggers. Doing so you have the excuse to approach him giving out a product as a gift which is actually coherent with your business.




As a result of the time when you will suggest, in exchange for an article o a link, a gift caught between his desires, well, he will not get suspicious! At the contrary he would think, “wow, what I needed right now, and moreover for free!” and why not to propose a review of the product itself? With the agreement of hosting a link to your site on it?

well.. let’s think about…

Does some of you ever used this link building method or have any suggestion?

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