The Power of Social Media

A couple of months ago, an Italian Facebook account was created. In just four days, it gained 300,000 fans. Without spending a penny on advertising or pay per click (PPC), La Performance Sessuale Di Merda (A Shit Sexual Performance) has now hit 500,000 ‘likes’ on the world’s most popular social network.

La Performance Sessuale Di Merda asks users to talk openly about sexual experiences which have either gone wrong or have ended up taking an odd turn of events. The stories are then published in anonymous form by the administrator.

The page has been so popular that it appears to have been seen by everyone in Italy with a Facebook account. The way in which it has gained such significant traction so quickly is truly astounding; it could be argued that it has even exhausted the number of fans from the country in which it originated.

What is even more astounding is the fact that its epic rise to fame was completely unintentional. It is a fantastic example of the power of viral social marketing. Pick the right topic, and people will be instantly engaged. What’s more, they’ll tell their friends, and the snowball will pick up pace, quickly.

In this instance, the page in question touches on a subject we all have undoubtedly had some experience of, no matter how small or how significant. It’s likely that most people on Facebook can relate to at least one of the stories being posted. Reading someone else’s account of the unfortunate – or funny – carnal event is likely to result in that user liking, sharing or commenting on it.

The page has achieved social nirvana in that it completely removes the responsibility of finding good content from the administrator; so powerful and engaging is the topic in question, that users feel compelled to contribute. Thousands of message have been sent to La Performance Sessuale Di Merda and all the administrator has had to do is read, publish them and then let the social media snowball begin to roll.

The administrator in this case simply created the page for fun. Little did they know what was ahead. Without realising, they’d picked the perfect topic required to create a social media sensation.


So, what can we learn from this?

The power of social media, if we needed reminding, is truly jaw-dropping. If you’re a page administrator, quite often, all you need is an idea – even a single sentence. If it connects with people and encourages them to share, the user becomes king and content producer – you can sit back and relax.


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