As the season of posting on SEO’s death has started again it is important to remind that SEO is not died. I know that spending even 5 minutes on arguing against those posts increase their authors’ visibility. However, an action needs to be taken especially when a well known web site such as Read Write Web makes such statements about SEO’s death. Practically speaking, the author of the post on RWW has completely misunderstood everything:


  • Firstly, he speculated on Matt Cutts’ interview. I am using the word ‘speculation’ as the RWW author did not contextualize Matt Cutts’ answers but he just picked those parts he needed giving a wrong interpretation. Conversely, what Google is doing is simply to give the best contents. In order to do so as Matt Cutts merely said, Google has been trying to avoid a website’s optimization through offering an excellent algorithm. As a result, a website would be discovered and highlighted by the algorithm. This is something that already happens when unexpected websites come up due to their ‘natural plus’ such as blogs.

  • Secondly, the RWW’s team should have revised Matt Cutts’ video from last October.





  • During a conversation between Matt Cutts and Jane Copland about Ayima on twitter he highlighted the words.
  • Practically, the team in charge of Google’s algorithm have been trying to clarify that they do not hate SEO. Opposite, they consider SEO an important tool that enables Google to find out the best answers to those inquires made up by its search engineer. In addition, Matt stated also that the Black and White Hat SEO differ deeply from each other, and although the presence of the Black Hat, SEO is strongly recognized as afriend discipline by Google.

Finally, lets quickly revise the developments of these last months:

  • The author mark up

  • The speed factor

  • Panda (90% of the times is based on problems related to contents’ duplication as a consequence of inappropriate structures of web surfing).

As a result, these four developments confirm the essential role that SEO plays for all websites aiming to rank.

I would like to make one more point. Even though the content is an essential part in a website and I usually promote content marketing, I got tired of those who state that ‘content is king’. It is not true!!

Basically, a website is a democratic agglomeration of macro factors equally important as they need each other. Therefore, a website which has an excellent content of a specific topic, but lacks of link building and social or it is far away from the homepage appears not effective as no one is going to be aware of it except who lives there.

SEO is not died but it is a developing discipline, and Google has not declared war. Consequently, those who are able to follow search engine’s changes are the real SEO. Nowadays, the real SEO is able to keep under control the three fundamental elements for a successful website:

Translation of the post “Seo non morta” di Gianluca Fiorelli

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